This Electric Hot Tub Boat Has a Fireplace and Cooler

The Spacruzzi May Be the Most Comfortably Absurd Way to Float on Water

Image: Spacruzzi

When it comes to planning your leisure activities, you don't want to compromise.

Time is limited, so if you can combine two things in one—say, soaking in a hot tub and taking a boat out on the water—you do so.

And that's a lot easier when the hot tub is also the boat.

We speak of Spacruzzi, a new vessel that combines the best of both worlds, letting you navigate the waterways while enjoying a good soak. 

The boat is electric and battery-powered, operating for four to five hours on a single charge. It's also self-heating and self-cleaning, so you can hang out in the warm water and focus on more important matters, like securing a fresh drink. The heat comes via the gas fireplace stove, which keeps the water temperature even throughout use and can also keep your upper half warm.

The Spacruzzi fits five adults and sports a few important features, including a built-in cooler and a floating console that holds drinks. A hand tiller lets you steer with ease, and there's a wooden ladder for climbing aboard or exiting for a dip in the lake.

Unlike most power boats, the all-electric propulsion system and the electric and propane heating systems do not put pollutants into the air or water. The boat is also built to comply with all U.S. Coast Guard regulations, so you can operate it in bodies of water across the country.

Spacruzzi is designed, fabricated and assembled in the company's Nevada and Montana production facilities, and there are multiple options for custom features and finish-outs, so you can personalize your vessel with your favorite colors and decking materials.

Just in case your jacuzzi boat feels a bit blasé.

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