Definite Articles Just Launched the World's First Biodegradable Performance Wear Collection

It Looks Good, Feels Good and Won't Harm the Planet

Image: Definite Articles

Performance wear has been a game changer for athletes and anyone who likes to move their body on occasion.

But the average piece of activewear sheds microplastics when it's washed and discarded, which impacts our water, food and the earth. 

It's not ideal, no matter how much you like those pants.

Definite Articles' new collection of biodegradable performance wear provides all the comfort and support you want without harming the environment. The launch of this line comes one year after the brand debuted its biodegradable performance socks, so now you're all set from the ground up.

Definite Articles mens and womens performance wear
Definite Articles

To make it happen, Definite Articles partnered with scientific and textile experts to create better, more eco-friendly materials. The result involves a natural additive called CiCLO that's applied when spinning yarn, which makes synthetic fibers behave more like natural fibers. This means that, when discarded, the apparel will biodegrade in a few years, not in a few centuries like traditional activewear. And because the supply chain falls entirely within the Americas, the brand can limit the distance its clothes travel and its carbon footprint.

The collection features five performance silhouettes for women and four for men. Men's styles include a lined performance short, crew T-shirt, joggers and a zip-up fleece. Everything is available in multiple colors—think ocean blue, olive, charcoal and orange—except the fleece, which stands firm on black. More is on the way, too, with additional shorts and a recycled polyester mesh shirt in the works.

Definite Articles shorts in four colors
Definite Articles

You probably don't think about a garment's life cycle when you're jogging or at the gym. You're probably more invested in your music or your surroundings or ensuring your heart doesn't explode during that next sprint interval. But now you can wear performance apparel that does the job, and when the time comes to part ways with your gear, you'll know that it won't harm the planet. 

Which is good, since this appears to be our home for the foreseeable future.

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