This Portable Speaker Is Also a Flask

Booze and Music in One Convenient Package

Image: VSSL

A good flask is there for you during all life's occasions.

Weddings, funerals, festivals, tailgates, your nephew's school play...

But while a flask excels at storing your liquor, it rarely brings much else to the table, making it a fairly one-use item. And, while a flask is more discreet than a paper bag wrapped around a bottle, it still screams "booze!" each time you pull it out.

The VSSL Insulated Flask + Bluetooth Speaker, on the other hand, fixes both of those inconveniences. As the very on-the-nose product title probably tells you, this handy contraption holds drinks and plays music. 

This isn't VSSL's first brush with inconspicuous flasks. Several years back, they created a flask that doubles as a flashlight. Smart, helpful, nonchalant. 

VSSL insulated flask with bluetooth speaker
easily pour in your favorite liquor. / VSSL

This time around, they've created a tough, stainless steel cylinder that's part flask, part speaker. The eight-ounce vessel is double-walled and features vacuum-sealed insulation, so your beverage stays at the desired temperature, up to five hours for hot drinks and 10 hours for cold drinks. There's a removable cap for easy filling, no funnel required. And the pour spout ensures that all that sweet liquid goes into your glass—or straight into your mouth. The cap also doubles as a carabiner and easily clips to your backpack or other gear when not in use.

Screwed into the bottom of the flask is a fully integrated, weatherproof, Bluetooth speaker. Place it around your campsite, at your rec softball game, or wherever you might benefit from both liquor and music. It also has a dual speaker pairing function, which lets you sync two speakers together from the same sound source, just in case you want two of these things. The speaker provides up to five hours of playtime and can be charged via a simple USB cable.

VSSL bluetooth speaker flask
The bluetooth speaker is detachable. / VSSL

The best part is you can carry this nine-by-two inch speaker-flask anywhere, because your booze is contained in a package that won't turn heads. 

Well, until you start drinking from what appears to be a speaker. That might raise some questions.

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