It's a Jet Ski. It's a Yacht. It's Both.

The Vanquish VQ11 Is a Handsome Upgrade Over the Usual Watercraft

Image: Vanquish Yachts

If owning a yacht has always seemed out of reach, we're here to tell you that it's more attainable than you thought.

Because this way-more-affordable-than-most option looks great and glides through the water with ease. 

There's just one small caveat: It can only accommodate five people, so you'll have to get choosy with your guest list.

The Vanquish VQ11 is what happens when you give a personal watercraft an upgrade in size and style. It comes from Vanquish Yachts, the Netherlands-based operation responsible for all manner of fine-looking boats. Hence the fine-looking design.

vanquish vq11
Vanquish Yachts

Measuring 11 feet long with the same lines as a full-size yacht, the VQ11 is part sports craft, part luxury tender. It sports a rich leather seat and wooden decking, so it's a far cry from the neon versions hanging beside your average lake house dock.

Use this thing to navigate the waterways, pop over to a coastal lunch spot, or hook a line to the back and pull a waterskier or wakeboarder—the 170-horsepower engine hits max speeds of 50 knots.

vanquish vq58 with vq11 tender
Vanquish Yachts

If you're just going from point A to point B, you can take four others with you—two fit on the bench seat behind the driver, with a small seat flanking both sides. 

The VQ11 works great as a standalone vehicle, but it can also be paired with the Vanquish VQ58, a handsome motor yacht with a tender bay and room for 23. 

Just in case you have one of those.

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