Subnado Is the World's Lightest and Smallest Underwater Scooter

Explore the Ocean with This Powerful, Three-Pound Device on Your Arm

Image: Waydoo

For too long, fish have been swimming with ease, while you've been hindered by your lack of fins. And your susceptibility to exhaustion. 

Well, no more. Today is the day you show those fish what you're made of. They won't know the difference, but the principle stands.

Because Subnado is the world's lightest and smallest underwater scooter, and it's ready to propel you through the water like a sea creature. 

Subnado comes from Waydoo, a company that's best known for its electric hydrofoil surfboards, which let you fly over the water at 22 miles per hour. So, they already have some experience with turning you into Aquaman.

The device measures 15 inches long, 2.4 inches wide, and weighs just three pounds. Despite its tiny size, it's packing a powerful motor that puts out 14 pounds of thrust, and its four-blade propeller moves you forward at 1.4 meters per second. Its lithium-ion battery can run for about an hour on a single charge.

The Subnado is easy to hold in your hand or mount on your forearm, but you can also strap it to your leg or attach it to the bottom of a surfboard or paddle board for some oomph. Or, give yourself extra power during your next snorkel or scuba session by enlisting two scooters at once, and reach speeds of 2 meter per second. Attach one to each forearm, and race a shark. You will lose, but still.

The Subnado has a few other bells and whistles, like a reverse charging system that acts as a portable USB power bank, so you can charge your phone. You can also use the ring mount on the front of the device to attach an underwater camera, which should prove useful for professional videographers. 

Or anyone who needs to boost their TikTok following.

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