The Doomsday Alarm Clock Will Help You Wake Up and Stay Up

Greet the Morning with a Dose of Existential Dread

Image: Steven Nass & Peter Henningsen

Waking up isn't easy, what with all the work and the obligations and the overwhelming feeling that the world could end tomorrow—or sometime soonish.

It's enough to make you hit the snooze button and pull the covers over your head.

But for those days when you absolutely must arise at a predetermined time, the new Doomsday Alarm Clock app will ensure you wake up, and stay up, by jolting you alert with an apocalyptic scenario that's sure to ruin your morning. It's available for free on iOS.

doomsday alarm clock app
Steven Nass & Peter Henningsen

It works like most alarms, in that you set the time you want to wake up and you choose what noise will do the waking. Except instead of incessant beeping or a soothing song, it's an ominous voice foretelling a few ways the world could end. Per the app makers: "Simply choose a doomsday scenario and prepare to be awakened by bone-chilling facts about our eventual demise."


Such bone-chilled facts include those about super volcanos, malicious A.I., global warming, an asteroid strike and nuclear war. Choose your favorite of the bunch. When the time comes, eerie music begins to play and a woman's voice breaks into facts that will make it very difficult to go back to sleep. 

Like the fact that a super volcano is a volcano capable of creating extinction level events, and 20 known super volcanos exist around the world. There's one within Yellowstone National Park and another in Italy that could end life as we know it.

Good morning.

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