This Is the Most Extreme Electric Surfboard in the World

Fly Through the Waves with the Awake Ravik S 22

Image: Awake Boards

To be fair, Sweden-based Awake Boards dubbed their own product "the most extreme electric surfboard in the world."

But it's hard to argue with them.

Because the Ravik S 22 is a battery-powered surfboard that lets you surf without waves. It goes from zero to 30 in four seconds and can hit a top speed of 36 miles per hour. Which is damn fast when you're standing on the water. We'd suggest buckling your seat belt, but there isn't one. So instead, just try to stay upright.

The 86-pound board features a channel-shaped hull to keep you balanced, plus an aggressive rocker design, which lets you carve through turns and dig into waves when jumping. 

awake boards ravik s 22
Awake Boards

The brushless motor has three speed settings and throttle sensitivity levels. You control everything with a wireless hand controller, so you can increase or decrease your speed as needed. It has a response time of just .02 seconds between board and rider, which helps you seamlessly hit those turns and tricks.

There was a time not long ago when surfing was relegated to specific beaches, where waves could reliably carry you toward the shore. With Awake's new electric surfboard, you can surf in a nearby lake or river or even an Olympic-size pool.

It's hard to imagine anyone letting you surf in a pool.

But if you let them take the board for a spin, they just might say yes.

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