Your Motorboat Is Going Electric

A Futuristic Watercraft Powered By Rechargeable Batteries

Image: Arc

Kevin Costner got it wrong in Waterworld.

Unfortunately, not the part where our future becomes a flooded wasteland hostile to human existence.

That was pretty spot on.

We just meant the lack of pirates driving electric boats.

Vessels like the Arc One, the world’s first electric, not-so-subtly-named motorboat that promises an eco-friendly ride on the water. Reserve one on the website, or be left behind with all the landlubbers when it rolls out this fall.

This is brought to you from a crew of former Space X rocket scientists. People who see posterity a little differently than their old billionaire overlords with great space coasters. They came to the realization that people alive today might like to get out on the water without damaging the very scenery they’re out there trying to appreciate. But not, like, you know, in a sailboat.

So, they came up with this speedy, light-hulled watercraft that operates smoothly on dual rechargeable batteries. One that cuts down, not only on pollution, but also noise. That way, commands to your first mate to crack another bottle of reposado can be heard over the surf and barking seals and James Cameron yelling “cut!"

It’s a shapely, good-looking little number, too. With a Tesla-like smart screen that accepts updates over the ether. Also, by using electric motors, it requires significantly less maintenance while offering increased space for you and eight of your friends.

And also that guy your friend Kate insisted on bringing.

What could you really say?

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