This Is the World's Most Expensive Burger

It Features a Hedonistic Combo of Wagyu Beef, Beluga Caviar, White Truffles and Champagne


The hamburger is a humble food.

Just ground beef between bread, possibly dressed up with a slice of cheese or some veggies.

Sure, you can add some bacon or get a little fancy with your meat blend. 

But it's still a burger. Just a juicy, glorious, humble burger. 

And yet... people keep finding ways to make it as luxurious and expensive as possible by adding ingredients like gold leaf and truffles, or by pairing burgers with opulent bottles of wine. It's beginning to feel like a spectator sport, as chefs keep one-upping each other with new creations.

The latest salvo in the Burger Wars is the Golden Boy Burger from Robbert Jan de Veen, the chef at De Daltons diner in Voorthuizen, Netherlands. It costs a cool €5,000 (about $6,000) and features a bevy of luxe ingredients. Take a deep breath, and here we go.

  • Dom Perignon Champagne-infused bun, topped with gold leaf
  • Japanese A5 wagyu brisket and chuck short rib beef blend
  • Smoked duck egg mayo
  • White truffles
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers pickled in Japanese matcha tea
  • Little gem lettuce
  • English cheddar cheese
  • Barbecue sauce made from The Macallan scotch and Kopi Luwak coffee
  • Paleta Iberico Bellota ham
  • Dom Perignon-battered onion ring
  • King Crab cooked in Puligny-Montrachet wine 
  • Beluga caviar
De Daltons golden boy burger
De Daltons

Once the burger is constructed, it goes under a cloche and receives a quick bath of whiskey-infused smoke. 

Is it ridiculous? Yes. Do we want to eat one? Double yes.

If you happen to find yourself in Voorthuizen and want to try the burger for yourself, you must reserve it at least two weeks in advance and plunk down a €750 deposit. Yes, the burger requires a 15% downpayment and has more in common with purchasing a house than your typical dinner. 

Lest you feel like a jerk for eating such an absurdly luxurious burger—one that costs more than much of the world's population makes in a year—the proceeds go to a local food bank.

So ask your accountant to move some funds around.

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