See the Stylish, Space-Saving Furniture That Magically Rearranges Itself

Your Bed Is Floating. Your Closet Is Moving.

By Hadley Tomicki ·

It isn’t what you drank last night.

Or your preference for staying out at all kinds of hours.

It’s not just you.

The walls really are moving.

Your bed is actually floating.

So it must be Ori, a totally nuts new offering of furniture that rearranges itself at the touch of a button to give you more space.

We’re talking about “cloud beds” that magically glide away from the floor on a discrete track to stow themselves neatly within your ceiling. And “pocket offices” that mysteriously move to realign themselves with your walls or transform into entertainment systems when you’re done being a productive member of society. Bookshelves, studios, closets, and entire rooms that suddenly split apart and seamlessly stitch themselves back together. All with the push of a button or a voice command.

What strange sorcery is this?

It’s meant to be a sound solution for city living in smaller spaces. A way to have your more practical furniture there when you need it. Then disappear or condense down to nearly nothing when you want to turn your living room into a dance floor or play a 12-person game of Twister or host an amateur jujitsu tournament on your kitchen floor. Whatever you’re into. No judgements here.

The space-saving technology is currently offered in 15 cities, from L.A. to New York. And right now, there are only a couple of ways to obtain these magically delicious living arrangements. You could find one of the buildings that's going whole hog on the idea and incorporating it into apartments.

Or you can sign up on the waiting list for the upcoming day it becomes available for individual use. So you too can experience the expanding walls and floating beds for yourself.

Of course, we also hear certain mushrooms work.

Not that we'd know anything about that.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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