This Smart, All-Seeing Robot Will Help You Cook Better Meals

Cooksy Attaches Above Your Stove to Provide Real-Time Guidance and Step-by-Step Recipes

Image: Cooksy

The world is not short on cookbooks and instructional videos.

Even meal kits come with detailed steps on turning ingredients into meals.

So, if you want to be a better cook, you've got options.

But, until now, none of those options involved an all-seeing robot that watches your every move to ensure you nail that recipe every time. 

Cooksy is that robot. This smart new gizmo is billed as "the world's first intelligent cooking assistant," and you can reserve one now on Indiegogo.


It quickly mounts above your stove for a birds-eye view of what's happening below. From that convenient perch, it uses visual and thermal sensors to measure pan temperature and track cooking times. The built-in camera streams video to your phone or tablet, so you can watch what's happening even when you step away from the kitchen.

You can follow Cooksy recipes via the corresponding app for step-by-step instructions, including when to add ingredients, adjust the heat and stir. Or create recipes of your own by recording footage of your cooking, then add chef's notes and additional tips before sharing the recipe with family and friends.

cooksy kitchen assistant

Use this thing enough, and you'll probably get a lot more comfortable in the kitchen, learning more about how timing and temperature impact a finished dish.

Of course, now the robots will know what we eat and have control over another area of our lives...

So, hopefully they won't use this power to over-salt our food in the inevitable uprising.

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