You Can Stay at Richard Branson's Private Caribbean Retreat

Moskito Island Is Finally Open and Ready to Welcome You

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Richard Branson owns not one, but two private isles in the British Virgins Islands.

Yes, he's doing well for himself.

And now, you can partake in some of his fortune, because the luxurious Branson Estate on Moskito Island is finally open to visitors. 

Branson acquired Moskito Island (which is not nearly as bug bite-y as it sounds) in 2007 and began to develop it as a private real estate community. Then the island was leveled by Hurricane Irma in 2017. After a lot of work, it's been restored to its former glory.

moskito island beach
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The Branson Estate is made up of three distinct villas and can accommodate 22 guests across 11 bedrooms. Rent the whole place if you're traveling with a crowd, or secure one of the villas for a smaller trip.

The estate features picturesque sea views at every turn, plus infinity pools, hot tubs, al fresco bars and dining rooms served by on-site chefs. So, you may never want to leave the property, but there's plenty to do on the island.

branson estate moskito island
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Book on-the-water excursions like snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. Try less-nautical activities like tennis or mountain biking through the rolling hills. Or skip all of that movement and just get a spa treatment after a long day of lying on the sandy white beach.

branson estate moskito island villa
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You can also take a boat over to nearby Necker Island, another pristine vacation destination, and the place where Branson lives for much of the year.

Let him know if you need turndown service or fresh towels.

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