Custom-Designed Dwellings You Can Put Anywhere

The Minimal Hut Will Build You a Beach House, Remote Cabin, Sauna and Anything Else You Want

Image: The Minimal Hut

Pop quiz.

The Minimal Hut is a company that...

A) designs and builds minimal huts and homes around the world. 
B) does literally anything else.

Right. It's A. Good job.

The aptly-named outfit is responsible for some seriously creative, innovative structures. Which is helpful should you desire to pare down your living situation by moving into a smaller space. Or go the opposite route and scale it up considerably by building one or more structures that you can place in strategic locations around the world.

These guys are prolific. The Los Angeles-based company has already designed 100 huts, so you've got options. Just know that you're purchasing the design here, not the actual structure. The good news is that the plans are very affordable, with rates that are typically cheaper than hiring your own architect.

minimal hut beach house
The Minimal Hut

The huts range in size, style and layouts. Get a one-bedroom space with a full kitchen and roof deck, a two bed/two bath affair with a large courtyard patio, or the always intriguing three-bedroom, two-outdoor-shower configuration. If none of those do it for you, then perhaps you're holding out for the 10x10 sauna with a 19-foot-high ceiling.

Once you find a design you like, you can hire The Minimal Hut to customize it to your exact specifications and then build it for you. But you own the plans, so you could just enlist your own contractor to do the work. You could also attempt building it yourself, in the event that you're the type of person who can do such things. 

minimal hut winter cabin
The Minimal Hut

These huts are meant to be placed pretty much anywhere. Put a small one in your backyard as a guesthouse, secondary living space or office. Build one as a quiet refuge in the woods and forget to share the address with your family and coworkers. Or give yourself the gift of a beach house. You are only limited by your imagination. Also money, space, permits, time, etc.

But mostly your imagination.

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