'I Miss My Bar' Simulates the Bar Experience Through Audio

Press Play to Create Some Ambiance While You Drink

Image: I Miss My Bar

Bars are closed in many parts of the country.

And even if they're not, you might not be frequenting them due to obvious pandemic-related reasons or the fact that snow is currently blanketing half the land.

Fortunately, one bar is bringing the experience directly into your home.  

I Miss My Bar is a digital project by Maverick, a cocktail joint in Monterrey, Mexico. The simple website features seven audio categories, including "bartender working," "full room" and "street ambiance." You can play as many as you want, using the adjustable volume sliders on each to create that perfectly-tuned cacophony of being-out-in-public you crave. 

According to Maverick:

"Hanging out with friends, deep conversations over Gin & Tonics, meeting great new people, the atmosphere... Even though these things will never be replaced, at Maverick we’ve made this modern digital artifact to keep you company while this awful pandemic, which profoundly affects our industry throughout the world, finally passes and we can meet again safely."

They suggest setting it as background sound for virtual hangouts or just for your daily wind-down cocktail at home. There's also a Spotify playlist with actual music curated by Maverick, so you can add to the ambiance.

We know, this doesn't exactly simulate the real thing. You are still hanging out at home, the place you've spent the majority of the past year. The cocktails are cheaper and the service is almost certainly worse. But now you've got a soundtrack for your drinking, and you're hardly drinking alone if you can hear a bartender and other patrons. 


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