This Futuristic Massage Chair Has A.I. Voice Control and Premium Audio

Melt That Stress Without Leaving Home

Image: Bodyfriend

Remember human touch? 

Yeah, that was the stuff.

But when it ended, circa March 2020, you were left to fend for yourself, rubbing your own sore muscles and working the kinks out of your own neck.

Which really defeats the purpose of a relaxing massage.

So here's a high-tech massage chair to pick up the slack. Called the Bodyfriend Quantum, it looks like an ornate throne or a futuristic captain's chair aboard a spaceship, but it's really just a comfortable recliner loaded with bells and whistles that will beat your tension into submission and leave you feeling like a new person. And we could all use some of that right now.

Bodyfriend Quantum massage chair

The newly-debuted chair is a full-body solution to all that ails you. It's equipped with an artificial intelligence voice recognition system, so you can guide it to areas that need attention and help it learn how best to coddle you. The seat is heated and cooled to keep you cozy, the speakers are made by Bang & Olufsen, and there's a 10-inch display so you can watch videos. Yes, there's a very real possibility you may never stand back up.

It also features a "brain massage" option supplied via binaural beats, which sounds confusing but is apparently good for you somehow. And it even has an uninterrupted power source that will switch to reserve power to keep functioning if necessary. 

Lest you're worried about a blackout or apocalypse interrupting your massage.

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