This New Helmet Purifies the Air You Breathe

It's Part Mask, Part Face Shield, and Has Built-In HEPA Filters

Photo: MicroClimate

In this age of wearing masks, everyone is looking for the safest option.

Which, as it turns out, lies somewhere between a heavy-duty air filter and a fishbowl.

Air by MicroClimate is a new device that completely encapsulates your head in clear glass and filters incoming and outgoing air to keep you safe when flying or in a crowd. It's available online now.

Let's take some questions from the audience.

How does this thing work?

The helmet uses internal fans and HEPA filters to purify the air you breathe in and exhale. Those filters last about four-to-six weeks and can easily be replaced when needed. The acrylic visor keeps your face visible while letting you see clearly.

Will I look cool while wearing it?

No, no you will not. But that's not really the point.

How heavy is it?

Pretty light, just two pounds.

Can I wear this on airplanes?

It hasn't been given an official green light by the TSA, but the helmet has been successfully beta tested on multiple flights. Given its utility and the fact that agents can see your face, there haven't been any issues so far.

Can I hear well with this thing on? What about eating and drinking?

Yes, you can hear, but your voice and others' voices will be slightly muffled. You can't eat or drink yet, but they are working on adding a straw port.

Can I wear it daily?

Yep. Though you should occasionally wash it. And you can do that because the fabric is washable.

Does it need to be charged?

Yes. You can do that via USB cable. When fully charged, the Air can run continuously for up to five hours, which will get you through most flights. 

It probably costs a fortune, right?

Nope, it's surprisingly affordable at $199.

What happens if I sneeze inside the helmet?

Try not to.

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