Gisele Bündchen Will Help You Meditate

Let the Supermodel's Soothing Voice Comfort You and Coax You to Sleep

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It's not often that Gisele Bündchen whispers something in your ear.

So when she does, you should listen.

Particularly when she says things like "Everything is going to be okay. Always. No matter what."

Because Bündchen has teamed up with meditation app Insight Timer to launch her first guided meditation, aptly titled Hope in Times of Uncertainty. It's live now, and she will continue to add free sessions each month.

The practices address issues of stress, anxiety and sleep—things that haven't exactly gotten better for most of us over the past several months. So, the timing really couldn't be better. 

Gisele Bundchen Insight Timer Meditation
Insight Timer

The first meditation is 14 guided minutes. Bündchen will ask you to sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. As you do that, her soothing voice works to melt tension from your body as you bring your attention to the present moment and notice some dulcet woodwinds in the background. It's relaxing stuff. Let that wash over you for awhile. 

As the meditation continues, your new friend Gisele will encourage you to visualize positivity and optimism, diving deeper into yourself with each new breath. She'll say things like, "Allow your awareness to move from the noise in your head to the silence in your heart." And "Remember, you are a divine being, and you are loved." 

Somehow, it all seems less trite and more meaningful when she says it. And by the end, you'll realize that it's been a pretty productive 14 minutes. 

Now, what to do with the other 1,426 minutes in the day...

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