A Realistic F1 Simulator for Your Living Room

It's the Closest You'll Get to Pro-Level Racing

Cranfield simulation

We don't know your life trajectory, and we can only guess at your ambitions. 

But we'll assume for the moment that becoming a professional Formula 1 driver is not in the cards.

Don't feel bad.

Because driving a Formula 1 simulator very much is.

The Cranfield F1 Simulator is as close as most of us will ever get to sitting behind the wheel of a race car. And, rather than using the kind of clunky machinery you might see on an arcade game or Disney ride, this thing's modeled on a real F1 chassis and features a suspension platform that allows for pitch, roll, heave and yaw (whew, they didn't skimp on the yaw) to give you the most realistic racing experience possible

These guys build simulators for actual F1 teams, so it stands to reason they'll outfit you just fine. Their tech provides the feel of true on-track sensations, including sustained motion, g-forces, high-frequency vibrations, eye position changes and even grip loss as you speed through a turn. 

Inside, the custom-molded seat, steering wheel, racing pedals and instrumentation look and feel just like the real thing. To translate all that into an actual simulation, the contraption also comes with a VR headset and, depending on which package you choose, one 55-inch HD screen or three screens that provide wraparound projection. Those screens will display laser-scanned, precise 3D recreations of circuit race tracks, immersing you in the experience.

It also looks damn cool. You'll never have to replace the tires. And your chances of getting hurt are pretty much zero. 

Unless you bang your knee while walking past it, or something.

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