BedGym Lets You Workout From the Comfort of Your Bed

Build Some Muscle (Then Take a Nap) With This Easy Resistance Band System


Going to the gym these days can feel like a daunting effort.

So, better to just stay in bed.

And do your workout there.

Which is something you can accomplish now, because BedGym is a resistance band system that hooks directly onto your bed, so that you can build some muscle without standing up or even getting dressed.  

It all starts with the BedBelt, which wraps around your mattress and contains attachment points at multiple locations around your bed. You'll hook the resistance bands to those points, allowing you to exercise from any angle and any position with full range of motion.

Grip the handles for a variety of upper body exercises, including curls, chest and shoulder presses, and triceps extensions, or loop the bands around your feet to work your legs and core. Since your bed is an unstable surface, every movement you make will trigger those stabilizer muscles for a little extra calorie burn. If you're feeling ambitious, you can stand next to the bed to perform squats, upright rows and other on-the-ground moves with the bands. It's easy to add in some stretching or Pilates, too. 

Obviously this would be great for physical therapy or anyone who can't perform a traditional workout. But we like its application for lazy mornings. Say you're too tired or hungover to do your typical strength or cardio session. You could just skip exercising entirely, maybe grab some ramen and spend all day on the couch. Or... you could get in a quick resistance bands workout right there in bed before grabbing some ramen and spending all day on the couch.

The latter, by comparison, is downright productive.

And you've got to celebrate those wins when you can.

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