Mybushotel Is Turning Old School Buses into Luxury Campers

Take This Mobile Hotel on Your Next Road Trip


You want to travel, but you want to be safe.

You want to sleep with a roof over your head, but you don't want that roof to also shelter dozens of strangers.

It's a quandary.

But a quandary being mitigated by Mybushotel, a Las Vegas-based outfit that's turning old school buses into comfortable campers you can rent or buy. 


The company founders got their start by rehabbing a 39-foot bus named Natasha and then exploring 16 countries throughout South America. They enjoyed it so much they thought, "Hey, we might be onto something here." So now they're making buses for anyone who might like to hit the open road in a bus equipped with non-bus amenities, like real beds, kitchens, rooftop decks and rainfall showers.

You can peruse the handful of bus-hotels currently available. Natasha is up for grabs. So is Leon, a 22-foot minibus, and Barbara, a friendly-looking number that sleeps eight and features a gas range and custom cabinetry.

Mybushotel barbara

If you've got other ideas, just contact these guys through their website, and you can discuss a custom job. They can source the bus and build out the interior to your specifications. So, start thinking about what you might want for your next extended road trip through Baja. 

Gourmet kitchen, media room, hot tub, guest quarters for your live-in concierge...

Hey, you'll never know if you don't ask.

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