This Benevolent Robot Will Mow Your Lawn

It's Like a Roomba for Your Front Yard


Some people still push lawnmowers to cut their grass.

Others saddle up on a John Deere. 

The more effective among our species simply sit back, drink a beer and enjoy summer while letting a robot do all the hard work.

We’re talking about Toadi, a rather friendly little machine designed to drive your neighbors jealous as it mows your beautifully manicured yard. You can reserve one now.

It’s a squat, self-driven robot with four blades to trim your grass uniformly. You charge it wirelessly, and then it uses artificial intelligence, a 4K camera and all-terrain maneuvering to hone in on the parts of your lawn that need the most work, ducking under furniture, skirting around pools, closely shaving edges, and not entering the neighbor’s yard or lopping off the extremities of any people or garden gnomes who get in the way. 

It’s good-looking and durable, too. Made from 3-D printed materials and recycled plastic with nano-coated, year-round weatherproofing, while combining the adorable sensibilities of R2D2 with a little relatable chunkiness of a Johnny 5. And it does all of this silently. Instead of being all “beep beep boop boop.”

And when it’s not mowing lawns, it will still earn its keep at night. Because it has infrared vision up to a very precise 98 feet to guard you and your place. So, if it detects someone who shouldn’t be in your yard, it will alert you immediately via smartphone.

Be careful... it may be a trap.

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