A Custom Living Pod for Self-Isolating in Style

Put the Conker in Your Backyard or Take It Off the Grid

The Conker

You're probably spending a lot of time indoors right now.

But unless you own a remote cabin or live on a few acres, getting away from it all can be difficult—especially if you're in a crowded apartment building.

So maybe a tiny house is the way to go. Put it somewhere off the grid, and wait things out.

Then again, maybe this strange, space-age sphere that's curiously called "the Conker" is the way to go. Put it somewhere off the grid (or in your backyard), and fashion it into a home or even an office. 

The Conker was designed by engineers who formerly worked for Rolls-Royce, Bentley Motors and Lotus Cars. And while this thing has a top speed of zero, its efficient design makes the most of its small size. 

At 13-feet wide and 10-feet tall, you can customize the climate-controlled space into a bedroom with a kitchenette, make the ultimate-work-from home office, create a hangout spot with comfy chairs and a TV or take advantage of the sound deadening tech in the walls and make it into a music studio. It's your space. Do with it what you will. 

The modular design allows for expansion, so down the road you could buy more pods and connect them into a larger space or some kind of communal living situation.

Or paint it like a soccer ball.

You could also do that.

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