Escape for Awhile with Music-Based Meditation

MindTravel Will Help You Relax at Home or on a Walk


Call it a hunch, but we bet you could use something to take the edge off.

Something to help you relax. De-stress. Forget about the world's problems for awhile.

So go ahead and pour yourself a stiff drink, and we'll tell you about MindTravel

What sounds like a trippy sci-fi show is actually an "experiential music company" that beams music directly into your ears for the purpose of improving your health, wellbeing and mental state. Three things you could probably benefit from right this very instant.

MindTravel started with group events, where attendees would listen to real-time, improvised piano music performed by composer and founder Murray Hidari. He would play for headphone-wearing crowds on beaches, in parks and at iconic spaces. Those group events don't do us much good right now in the new social-distancing era, so that's why the company has released digital downloads that can be enjoyed solo.

The various musical experiences (they call them "journeys") include options for walking, meditating, sleeping and more. 

SilentWalks: Download the 30- or 60-minute music-based meditation, and go for a peaceful stroll around your neighborhood, in a park or along a secluded trail. It doesn't matter where you go. Just listen to the relaxing music and put one foot in front of the other.

Deep: This experience contains a mix of piano composition, binaural beats and nature sounds that are designed to help you reach new levels of relaxing meditation. Choose from seven 10-minute tracks, or really go for it with the 70-minute track.

Deeper: This one's similar to the above, but the sounds are meant to lull you into a deep, uninterrupted sleep. And we could all use more of that.

Focus: Here you've got a musical companion to your workday. Listen to it during a break, or let it run in the background. Both tracks are designed to increase focus and productivity.

Inspiration: These four short tracks work together to promote creativity and provide inspiration during your day.

A couple additional options are centered around human senses of perception and might help you transcend into a deeper state of consciousness. Which, sure, that sounds nice.

It's either that or keep watching the news.

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