The Jetwing Lets You Fly Like Iron Man

The Future Is Personal Flight. And It's (Almost) Here.

Jetman Dubai


That's what this is.

And yet... we'd trade our friends and family for a chance to cavort around the skies in a jet pack.

The opportunity to do just that is growing closer, as Jetman Dubai—a company dedicated to personal aircraft—has made significant strides on its Jetwing device. So, before long, we might all be commuting above the ground at 250mph. 

The Jetwing prototype debuted in 2015. Initially, it could only take flight from high platforms or from other aircraft. But that's all changed. Because last week, Jetman pilot Vince Reffett took off from the ground, reached 3,000 feet in just 30 seconds, and continued up to nearly 6,000 feet. From there, he flew around for a few minutes, while traveling at an average speed of 150 mph.

Jetman Jetwing

Reffet was equipped with a carbon fiber wing powered by four mini jet engines. The self-controlled contraption can reach speeds of 250 mph and can also hover, change directions and perform loops. Just in case the thrill of speeding through the sky isn't enough for you.

Development will continue in the coming months and include more test flights as the company works toward Mission: Human Flight, which is a great name and an impressive goal.

We hope to get our hands on a Jetwing one day. Until then, we'll just live vicariously through this video.

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