You Can Vacation with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Aka "the Mountain" from Game of Thrones. Aka the Strongest Man in the World.


Wanting to travel with celebrities is a perfectly natural desire.

Them wanting to travel with you is... less common. (We're still waiting for Chalamet to return our DM.)

But now, a handful of actors, chefs, authors and other interesting types are ready to hop a plane and join you in destinations across the globe.

Cash in some vacation days for Luminary Experiences by Discover 7, a new series of trips led by celebrities and experts that's giving you tailored itineraries and VIP experiences all over the world. Bookings are live now, and the first expedition kicks off in August.

Here are a few things to look forward to.

You can go to Iceland with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. Yes, he played Gregor "The Mountain" Clegan—the terrifying muscle to Cersei Lannister—and enjoyed displacing peoples' eyes with his thumbs. But in reality, he's a jovial actor and Strongman competitor from Iceland who'd like nothing more than to show you around his home country. He'll take you through Iceland's black lava beaches, the south coast waterfalls and join you for some ice climbing. To counter all that activity, you'll stay at the luxurious Hotel Ranga and the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon, where you’ll relax in the picturesque hot springs.

History buffs might enjoy the Paris and Normandy trip with presidential historian and author Doris Kearns Goodwin. You'll stay in top-notch accommodations and get the VIP treatment at iconic sites, including a private trip up the Eiffel Tower with a descendant of Gustave Eiffel. After a few days in Paris, you'll move onto Normandy. There you'll stay in an 18th-century palace converted into a five-star hotel and embark on a tour of important World War II sites

Hungry people with a taste for Italian food will like the Naples and Sorrento Tour with Chef Simone Falco from Eataly. And, for some reason, you can go to Morocco with actor BD Wong. Explore the medinas of Marrakesh, visit a traditional hammam to unwind, and check out the Majorelle Gardens, where Yves Saint Laurent lived.

That all makes for a nice 2020. Next year, they'll have even more trips, including a yoga retreat with Zoe Kravitz.

So you've got until then to learn your downward-facing dog from your peacock pose.

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