The Nicest Wood-Fired Hot Tub You Ever Did See

Come On In, the Water's Warm


Hot tubs are great.

We can all agree on that statement.

But your average above ground hot tub looks like something between a large soup pot and a plastic beer receptacle.

Functional, sure, but attractive? Not so much.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the new Tubmarine, a terrifically-named wood-fired hot tub from the UK that'll make your backyard or rooftop feel like a luxurious ski chalet.  

This eco-friendly option is built with recycled materials and hygienic, corrosion-resistant steel. It's powered entirely by wood, so it requires no electricity and very little maintenance. What it does require is an ability to chop wood. Or purchase chopped wood, which we're confident you can handle. 

The tub can hold four adults and heats up in just two hours. Best of all, it's a master study in minimalist design that would be a real conversation piece. We imagine the conversation going something like this:

Them: Is that... wait, what is that? 

You: It's a wood-powered hot tub. I call it the Tubmarine. So do the guys who made it. 

Them: Amazing. Let's hop in. I always wear a swimsuit under my winter clothes.

You: That's strange, but I respect it.

Them: Got any beers?

You: Yes, but let's pour them into plastic cups.

Them: Smart.

Or something like that. We don't know. Maybe your guest prefers wine.

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