A Smart Stash Box for Storing Your Weed

It Looks Like a Discreet Alarm Clock, but... It's Not

Image: Keep

Back in the '60s, it may have been acceptable—even applauded—to keep a large bowl of weed proudly displayed on your coffee table.

Things are different now.

Increasing legalization is removing much of the stigma from cannabis, but still, a little discretion can't hurt. 

Fortunately, there's a better receptacle for storing your stash than your sock drawer.

It's called Keep, and it's a smart storage option that'll let you keep your weed in plain sight without anyone being the wiser. 

Keep Stash Box

From the outside, Keep looks like an alarm clock. Because, well, it is an alarm clock—its LED display shows the time and the outdoor temperature. And its sleek design, available in black or white, lets it blend seamlessly into your home as an accent on an end table, nightstand or bookshelf.

But inside, it's got technology that allows you, and only you, to access the goods. Biometric security means that Keep can be unlocked via facial recognition or a data-encrypted app. Wifi and Bluetooth let you monitor the gadget from anywhere in the world. And you can even receive push notifications through the corresponding app if anyone moves it or tries to open it.

Keep Stash Box App

Once you're in, you'll find organization pods to help you keep products separated, plus a built-in scale for weighing inventory, a rolling tray and a little space for accessories. And, similar to a humidor, there are temperature and humidity monitors so you can maintain the best ecosystem for your precious plants and edibles.

All that in an 8.75-inch wide clock that can sit discreetly in the same room as your mom or an untrustworthy roommate. 

Who hopefully aren't one and the same.

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