Take These Luxury Yachts to Faraway Lands

Or Compete for Real Estate with 5,000 Sunburned Cruisers. Your Call.


We'll not besmirch the good name of mega cruise lines.

Any more than we have to.

We'll just say that vacationing on a floating hotel with 5,000 other people all jostling for hot tub space is about as relaxing as it sounds.

So, unless you've got your own yacht parked at the marina... book a spot on one of the new Small Ship Voyages by Exodus Travels, and you'll secure your comfortable passage to remote regions and private islands in far-off places.

You can journey around the Seychelles and the Solomon Islands. Embark on a snorkeling and diving expedition to the Maldives. Check out the Amazon Rainforest. Or, go the jacket-needing route, and venture to Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. You've got options.

All voyages are hosted by National Geographic Explorers, celebrated photographers, renowned marine biologists, naturalists, archaeologists, anthropologists and other smart people who know what they're talking about. You can just nod along while they show you the ins and outs of each destination.

There are seven ships in the fleet, with the largest accommodating about 100 people and the smallest option topping out at 26. So, you'll never feel too crowded. And while your trusty captain and crew navigate the waterways, you're free to lounge in your spacious cabin, eat top-notch food or drink something tropical on the sun deck.

Of course, there's no 24-hour ice skating rink.

But some compromises are to be expected.

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