A White Sand Peninsula Awaits You in Belize...

If You’re Into That Kind of Thing


If you’re currently reading this from a white sand beach on a beautiful Belizean peninsula, then you can go ahead and skip the rest of it.

But just in case you’re not currently on one of those...

We went ahead and got one for you.

It’s Itz’ana Resort & Residences, a stunning collection of open-air cottages and villas spread across a thin, sixteen-mile peninsula bound by sea on one side and a sacred lagoon on the other, now open in Placencia, Belize.

Maybe it’s freezing cold where you are right now. Or you’re tired of hearing “Jingle Bells” while shopping for someone's Frozen dolls. Maybe you and a few friends just want to get out of dodge and make everyone jealous by taking shirtless photos before gorgeous sunsets and enchanting waterways. You can accomplish these things here.

You’ll start your days in a robe with coffee on the private beachside terrace of your carbon-neutral cottage, all but surrounded by water. And from there, you’ll make important decisions.

Will your day be dedicated to rooftop yoga, browsing Mayan art and exploring the Barrier Reef that sits 30 miles offshore?

Or will it be more along the lines of a Mayan-inspired massage, swimming in the saltwater pool, sailing at sunset, lobster Garifuna for dinner at Limilia, and a visit with your rum sommelier for a nightcap before taking a beach stroll under the midnight moon?

Even just thinking about it is stressful.

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