The Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Cannabis Bitters, Exotic Steaks and Racehorses Included


Alligator tenderloins.

Cannabis cocktail bitters.

1/8th of a racehorse.

It’s beginning to sound a lot like the holidays.

And if you’re anything like us, you still have some present-hunting to do.

So we’ve decided to make that a little bit easier on all of us with UrbanDaddy’s Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide, a helpful pointer to 17 obtainable stocking stuffers and presents that no one in their right minds would think about re-gifting.

We hope you enjoy reading about them almost as much as you enjoy giving them away.

  • What it is: Red Boat caramels and salted cashew chocolate bars, made with a touch of Vietnamese fish sauce salt with the help of chef Diep Tran.
  • Who it’s for: All sweet-teeth and stocking-holders.
  • What it is: Colitas, cannabis-infused truffles in chocolate-caramel, peanut butter and chocolate-mint flavors from Mindset Organics.
  • Who it’s for: Probably your mom or dad, given the times. Not that your siblings would object either.
  • What it is: Devoción’s culinary coffee made in collaboration with the restaurants Crown Shy in New York, Felix in L.A., and Wolf’s Tailor in Denver.
  • Who it’s for: Whoever’s place you find yourself waking up at the most right now.
  • What it is: Boozy Jerky, infused with beer and designed to pair with your favorite pints.
  • Who it’s for: Your regular road trip, happy hour and game night partners.
  • What it is: The Ultimate 24 Chocolate Gift Bar Set from Compartes Chocolatier, which includes ingredients like Lucky Charms, donut chunks and rosé.
  • Who it’s for: Rosé and chocolate? Donuts and breakfast cereal? This basically covers everyone's bases.
  • What it is: A variety pack of CBD bitters from Strongwater.
  • Who it’s for: Home bartenders who want to turn their Old Fashioneds into New Fashioneds.
  • What it is: Westward Whiskey’s Oregon Stout Cask, a Northwestern single-malt aged for a year in stout casks that come from a mix of Oregon beer brewers.
  • Who it’s for: Business associates and drinking buddies.
  • What it is: Prelude: Courage & Conviction, a limited, early edition of Virginia Distilling’s cuvée barrel-finished single malt whiskey that is due to hit the public's lips next spring.
  • Who it’s for: You happen to have a lot of drinking buddies, okay?
  • What it is: Campari Cask Tales, which is what occurs when you finish Campari in bourbon barrels.
  • Who it's for: Negroni/nightcap accomplices.

  • What it is: Rodd & Gunn’s Rocky Bay Overcoat, the water-resistant, Italian-woven, buffalo horn-buttoned triple threat you see above.
  • Who it’s for: Anyone facing the crucial challenge of being both handsome and warm this season.
  • What it is: Camo skis made in collaboration by Ball & Buck and Parlor.
  • Who it’s for: Clients who need to keep a low profile on the slopes.
  • What it is: The Smokemeister, a smoker you can bring literally anywhere.
  • Who it’s for: Your friend who enjoys going off on backcountry hikes. May they come back with ribs for those who don't.
  • What it is: The Exotic and Wild Game Starter Pack from Fossil Farms, featuring alligator tenderloin, Peking duck burgers and ostrich steaks, among other exceptional forms of meat.
  • Who it's for: Your friend who is known to wear amusing t-shirts that triumph his grilling prowess.

  • What it is: My Racehorse, in which you can gift people their own micro-shares in a racehorse, allowing them to take part in its winnings.
  • Who it’s for: Friends and loved ones who know when to accept offers they can’t refuse.

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