Serious Sweaters and Jackets Made in Patagonia

Nothing Says Warmth Like the Cozy Embrace of Alpaca


You may have noticed the chill in the air.

Well, you'd have noticed it less if you were wearing the proper clothing.

Meet Karukinka, a small clothing-making operation based way down south in Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago at the tip of South America. That's Patagonia country and, as you probably suspected, it gets cold down there. So, if ever you were going to trust someone to wrap your torso in textiles before your next winter adventure... these are the guys. 

All of the brand's design work, manufacturing and production are performed locally in the Chilean city of Porvenir. There they're making a small collection of sustainable, high-quality garments from the natural fibers of three indigenous animals: alpacas, llamas and Merino sheep. And, helpful for you, they've just now put everything online.

The end result is you wearing a really comfortable sweater or hoodie or zip-up jacket that will keep you warm all winter long, whether you're hiking the Andes or sipping hot cocoa on a park bench. And each has the added benefit of actually looking good on your person.

So, the next time you leave the house and it's anywhere between a little chilly and a full-on polar vortex, reach for one of these Patagonian gems while enjoying a good laugh at Mother Nature's expense.

Though, we should note that even well-made sweaters don't protect you from vindictive lightning strikes.

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