Finally, That Secret Lair You've Always Wanted

Bespoke Bunkers From the Makers of 007's First Ride

By Hadley Tomicki ·
Aston Martin

“It’s so hard to find a good lair these days.”

We know.

You’re sick of saying that.

Which is why we finally found you a lair-guy.

Somebody willing and able to build the ultimate hideout for you, your car and a comely acquaintance named for a double entendre.

It's actually none other than Aston Martin. The Brits behind James Bond’s first car are now in the business of building ridiculously cool spaces to shelter people's rides through a just-launched program called Automotive Galleries and Lairs.

Because it’s pretty frustrating when you have some high-caliber, European-made Batmobile of one kind or another but lack the jaw-dropping place to park it in. A place that shall legitimately be referred to as no mere garage, but as a “lair."

So that’s what the brand and its “Q Division” (yes, really) is doing now. Making ridiculously cool, bespoke spaces that center around your car or cars. They will even whip up an entire house or retreat that showcases your ride. Should this be a priority.

You can really let your imagination go wild here, too. They’ll be in charge of making it real. The renderings they’ve released so far include cars popping out of underground glass bunkers and artfully arranged, museum-style, like over at Cameron's dad's house. 

They even show their $1.3m Valhalla sitting in the center of a salt-water aquarium.

As if parallel parking wasn't challenging enough.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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