Custom Jeans Delivered to Your Door

Take a Quiz for Better-Fitting Denim


You know jeans.

You've been wearing them most of your life.

You're probably wearing some right now.

So ask yourself: "Self, how well do my jeans fit, and could the buying process improve? Say, if some benevolent force customized them to my person and then mailed them to me?"

You don't need to answer that. 

Because Sene already did with their just-launched-today Ever Jean. It's a new way to clothe your legs in absurdly comfortable denim that's been cut to fit your body, and you can check it out right here.

The LA-based company has enlisted some of Japan's best denim mills to create the fabric, which is available in three washes. But before said denim can wrap itself lovingly around your lower half, you'll have to take a nine-question quiz to determine your perfect fit.

You'll breeze through some easy ones like height, weight, waist size and inseam. You'll choose what kind of rise you prefer—high, normal or low—as well as what type of break you want in the leg. You'll share whether you prefer your jeans very slim, tailored or straight. And you'll even select your personal body shape from a few helpful images, with special sections to account for your midsection and backside. So, they're the kind of subjects that can be awkward to discuss with your tailor, but are easy to input under the cloak of anonymity provided by the internet.

Three weeks later, your new jeans will arrive at your door eager to meet you. Try them on and marvel at how good you look. Should you require any adjustments, each pair has a 60-day "Fit Guarantee," so all alterations, remakes, exchanges and returns are 100% free.

If everything's perfect, congrats, you aced the quiz.

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