It's a Bar. On a Glacier.

Drink Ice-Cold Drinks on an Ice Cap in Iceland

Reyka Vodka

The desire for a good drink cannot be stopped by trivial things like distance, foreign borders or frigid weather.

Though, you'll want to bring some good boots.

Pack your things for the Glacier Bar, a pop-up watering hole on Iceland's Langjökull Glacier that will be pouring drinks from October 16-20 before fading back into the frozen tundra like a vodka-induced dream.  

64.565653°N, 20.024822°W.

Those are the coordinates for your adventure. When you arrive, you will find a bar created by Reyka Vodka, an Icelandic brand that sources the water for its vodka from the aforementioned glacier. So, yeah, it's a publicity stunt. 

But most publicity stunts yield a swag bag or maybe a photo for Instagram. This, however, will yield some very cold drinks on Iceland's second largest glacier, one hell of a good story, certainly some photos for Instagram and possibly a hint of frostbite.

The trek isn't for the faint of heart. But if you've got some vacation days to burn, make your way to Langjökull, look for the orange bar and pull up a stool. Once there, you can sample a menu of cocktails, including the brand's signature Puffin Collins, which is made with vodka, pink grapefruit, elderflower cordial and soda and then topped with a cherry tomato.

All ingredients that are no doubt indigenous to Iceland.

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