This Italian Region Will Pay You to Move There

It's Called Molise, and It Looks Pretty Damn Idyllic

Region Molise

There are plenty of reasons to move to Italy.

The pasta, for starters. The quality of life. The scenery. We could go on.

But, should you require a little financial incentive to pick up and move, now you have it.

The Italian region of Molise is doling out monthly stipends to the tune of 700 euros a month (about $770) for up to 36 months to those who settle in underpopulated villages. The program just launched, and you can apply online to be one of the area's lucky new inhabitants.

First thing to know, you might need more than the phrases you picked up during your Italian backpacking trip after college to make it through the application. So, if you've got a translator handy, now's the time.

The idea behind this enterprise is to infuse some new life into 106 Molise villages that have witnessed population declines over the years. Because, as beautiful and charming as the region is, it's not exactly on the beaten path. So the cash they're offering—which equals roughly $27,000 over three years—is meant to help preserve communities that currently sport fewer than 2,000 residents. There is, however, a catch.

In order to receive your relocation cash, you'll need to start a business. It could be a coffee shop, a bar, a small hotel, an olive farm or anything else that can help revamp the local economy. The cost of living and business expenses are relatively low, so this might be your best chance to open that breakfast-only bar where the grappa cocktails are served on early-90s baseball cards that wouldn't work in New York. Because Brooklyn already has three.

The region itself is a picturesque combination of medieval fortresses, mountains, lakes and green spaces, with the northeastern corner touching the Adriatic Sea. So, there are a lot worse places to live and work. 


Region Molise

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