A Smart Travel Bag That Charges Your Phone

Fanny Packs Have Come a Long Way


Fanny packs get a bad rap.

Because... well, they mostly bring it on themselves. 

But here to make you rethink everything you thought you knew (or at least, like, sit up and say "hmm") is Side Pocket.

It's a small travel bag that holds your stuff, sure, but it also charges your phone and other devices while providing them with a place to rest. The bag is currently on Kickstarter, where it was funded damn near immediately. If you'd like to get in on the action, you can expect to receive yours in December or thereabouts.

The first thing to know: Side Pocket is available in four colors—black, navy, coral and yellow. And you can wear it multiple ways. On your waist, on your back, on your chest... You can also hold it in your hand, because like we said, it's small. But not too small to carry your wallet, phone, passport, watch, sunglasses, and whatever else.

The device-charging part of this equation is due to the power bank that fits inside the bag. Whenever your phone is in the pack, it charges wirelessly. So, that's easy. You can even charge two things at once, as the power source has an input/output port for plugging in a second device like your smart watch

Technically, you can also take the power bank out of the bag and visibly charge stuff right in front of you. 

But then you'd just be wearing a fanny pack for no good reason.

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