A New Advent in Headphones Technology

These Wireless Headphones Play Music, Translate 11 Languages and Work as a Portable Speaker

Human, Inc.

Headphones usually come in two flavors.

There's the earbud style you see everywhere.

And there's the over-the-ears, band-over-your-head style popularized by Bose, Beats and air traffic controllers.

This is like a hybrid of the two, with some ear muff sensibilities thrown in for good measure.

Cue up a playlist for Human Headphones, a new kind of wireless music-listening apparatus that... is a little hard to categorize. But know that it does at least three things: 1) affixes to your face and plays music; 2) operates as a portable speaker; 3) translates languages like a polyglot.

The headphones slip over your ears like little jackets. They're battery powered and play music for about nine hours before needing to be charged. Simple gesture controls let you play, pause, skip tracks and change the volume, all with a quick swipe. 

Once off your ears, these things snap together into a portable Bluetooth speaker, so you can play music at home or while they're charging. 

Whether on your person or off, the built-in microphone lets you take phone calls and use the translation function. For the latter, a multi-direction mic can listen to and then translate 11 languages on the fly, which sounds especially helpful for traveling or working at the United Nations.

In case you don't already know how to say "Do I look ridiculous?" in French. 

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