A Floating Lair Worthy of a Bond Villain

It Could Be Your New Apartment. Or a Quiet Space for Plotting World Domination.


If you're looking for a new home, you could try an urban loft, a secluded country estate, a minimalist Airstream or whatever else you're into.

But after today, you'll want to take a long, hard look at purchasing what can only be described as a Bond villain's lair.

Meet Anthenea, a floating domicile that you can procure for yourself. Make it your new apartment, a nautical guest house or a plaything for your Olympic-sized pool. Or buy several and create a hotel that skips bungalows in favor of these UFO-like pods. No matter which direction you go, this conversation-starter is available for custom orders.


It was created by French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle, who was inspired by The Spy Who Loved Me. Yes, that particular James Bond film featured Roger Moore, who's arguably the third best Bond of all time. But it also featured Atlantis, the ocean citadel that ultimately influenced Mr. Ducancelle.


In the movie, Atlantis was a massive research lab that included helipads and a shark tank for tidily disposing of unsuspecting enemies. In real life, Anthenea can be a house, office, restaurant or anything else. You just have to pony up roughly $480K to make it happen.

The eco-friendly structure is made from fiberglass and covered with solar panels to power the home. And the floor is a glass window for looking at the sea life below without the need for a snorkel mask. 


The interior can be customized however you see fit, but the first edition that you see here is a two-story example of the nautical life. It has a living area, small kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Upstairs is where you'll find the 360-degree solarium, perfect for entertaining guests. So, the only thing that's missing is a trap door leading to a shark tank. 

But the ocean is right outside.

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