7 Treehouses in 7 Nights

It's Going to Be a Wild Adventure in Sweden


Remember when you were a kid and had a tree fort...

The rope ladder and ghost stories and "no so-and-so's allowed" signs, all taking place within a loving display of your dad's shoddy craftsmanship.

This is kind of like that.

Except you'll be bunking in seven comfortable treehouses over the course of seven nights. 

Oh, and you'll be doing it in Sweden.

We speak of the new 7 Nights, 7 Rooms itinerary at Treehotel in Northern Sweden. It's your chance to explore a bunch of really unique habitats whilst sleeping above the ground, and it's available for bookings now. 

The Treehotel has seven rooms, each one entirely unique. One room is made from mirrored walls that reflect your surroundings. One looks like a bird's nest. Another looks like a UFO. And one is called the "Blue Cone" even though it's red. It can only be accessed via a bridge from the nearby mountain, of course.

Each room is paired with a local experience. One day you'll learn about the indigenous Sámi people and their cuisine. You'll also meet some reindeer. Another day you'll go on a guided hike to spot wildlife and forage for berries or take an evening stroll to engage in some stargazing. Another day sees you at the spa for a massage and sauna session.

All that relaxing (and packing up your suitcase between hotels) is bound to make you hungry. So it's a good thing there's a restaurant on site specializing in local delicacies, wild game and hand-picked produce.

When it's all over, you'll head back home, hopefully with a new appreciation for nature and trees. It might be enough to inspire you to build a treehouse of your own. Maybe even several treehouses. Eight of them, in fact.

Hey, this gives us a business idea...

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