You Can Visit Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone

Whether You Want to Is Another Matter

Exodus Travels

If you haven't seen the HBO show Chernobyl, you should give it a try.

It's good.

Harrowing, but good.

On second thought, you could just visit the place yourself.

You can do that via Exodus Travel's new Chernobyl & Kiev Long Weekend tour, a four-day jaunt through Ukraine that ventures into the "exclusion zone" and the nuclear power plant that melted down on that fateful day in 1986. They're taking bookings now for departures beginning November 7. 

Upon arriving, you will visit the ghost town of Pripyat, which has been frozen in time with abandoned amusement parks, homes and schools. You'll see the epicenter of the disaster site, Reactor No. 4. And you'll have a special permit to enter the nuclear power plant, reactor hall and control room before spending a night inside the 19-mile radius around the plant known as the exclusion zone. 

The tour will also include some sightseeing in Kiev, including the UNESCO Lavra Monastery, plus an introduction to the local cuisine. Nothing on the trip is particularly luxurious, as you might expect. But it's one hell of an opportunity for history buffs, and you're bound to learn something.

Oh, and about the whole radiation thing: They say that exposure is similar to that of a standard X-ray. And, when warranted, you'll be equipped with protective clothing and a radiation-measuring dosimeter. So don't worry.

Okay, maybe worry a little.

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