Music-Guided Meditation to De-Stress Your Day

They Call It "Wave"


Here in 2019, there are plenty of things that can stress you out.

Work. People. The news. Simply being alive in the world today.

Fortunately, for as many things that cause stress, there's an equal number of items meant to relax you.

Whiskey and CBD come to mind. But sometimes it's best to just lie back on a vibrating pillow, put on some headphones, do what the guy on the other end of the headphones says, and let tranquility wash over you.

It's probably not apparent yet, but we're talking about Wave, a new suite of tools that's merging music and meditation with technology and touch to improve your wellbeing. It's available online now if you'd like to give it a whirl.

First thing to know: the vast majority of people don't meditate, so if you don't either, you're already in great company. And that's part of why Wave exists: to bring meditation to the masses, especially those who think crashing waves and chirping birds aren't the way to reach personal nirvana.

The actual product is a multi-part kit. It includes headphones, a display stand, a charger and a "bolster," which is like a memory foam vibrating pillow. The headphones are self-explanatory. That's how you listen to beats-heavy music and guided meditations. The bolster pulses with the music, so your body and your breathing becomes intertwined with the beat. Soon, your whole self is just one person-sized puddle of relaxation.

As you go along, you can broaden your experiences with different music and guided meditations because the library of original content keeps growing. So what you do today might be completely different from what you do tomorrow or two months from now. Which means that your chances of sticking with it are greater than your average meditation app. 

So, greater than zero.

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