A Solar-Powered Wallet That Responds to Your Voice

Don't Worry, It Still Holds All Your Credit Cards


The typical wallet contains some cash, an ID, a few credit cards and the occasional crumpled receipt. 

This one has a solar-powered tracking chip you can talk to.

So, it's a big day for wallets.  

That's because Ekster has just released the latest version of its slim, smarter-than-average money holder. It's available as of today for slipping into your pocket and then never losing.

First thing to know: these leather, RFID-blocking wallets will store your cash and keep your cards safe from data theft. They also come in colors like "merlot red" and "juniper green." Okay, we got that out of the way. Now, here's the fun stuff.

It's the world's first voice-activated wallet. Which is easy to believe. Basically, you can utter a magic phrase ("find my Ekster") to Alexa or a Google Assistant, and the wallet's installed tracker will ring, alerting you to its location—between the couch cushions, in the fridge or wherever else you haphazardly tossed it last night. 

You can see its location worldwide. That tracker has a GPS feature, so you can use the wallet's corresponding app (yes, even wallets have apps now) to see its location on a map. If that fails, each tracker also has a unique QR code that acts like a fingerprint. If you lose your wallet anywhere in the world, and some good samaritan scans the code rather than stealing your wallet, you'll get a message on your phone letting you know exactly where it is.

It's powered by a mini solar panel. The credit card-size tracker requires just two hours of solar charge to keep it going strong for a full two months.

The tracker's also available solo. Maybe you've already got a wallet you like. In that case, you can just buy the tracker itself, and slip it into your wallet or affix it to something else you don't want to lose, like your favorite piece of luggage or your cat.

There's an ejector seat. This thing can hold a dozen cards, which can make foraging for the right card difficult. Except that it's actually really easy, because there's a built-in ejector button that you can click to get instant access to six of them. 

Yeah, somehow we're still talking about wallets here.

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