Did We Hear You Say You Needed a New Spring Suit?

Introducing Combatant Gentlemen's NanoStretch Collection


Inevitably, you will desire a new suit. It's just a thing that happens. One day, you're sitting around, satisfied with your current stable of suits; the next, you're combing through your closet with a growing sense of formalwear-related ennui

Something isn't right, you think, steadying yourself against your cufflink shelf (you have a cufflink shelf, we guess). Something needs to change.

It could be the whisper of spring in the air; it could be literally anything else. No matter. We're going to help you find that new warm(er)-weather suit. 

And we're going to start with our friends at Combatant Gentlemen. This week, they launched a collection of lightweight, liquid-resistant, extremely affordable NanoStretch Suits. Check 'em out.

As Brand Director Scott Wicken explains, the nano-technology is essentially a co-polymer coating applied to the outer layers of the fabric after the milling process, in order to improve liquid resistance, reduce wrinkles and enhance durability. They combined this with a "perfect" wool fabric that incorporates a spandex blend—and designed the jacket with a slightly wider shoulder base and larger armhole—so you'll have an unparalleled range of mobility. The result is an incredibly comfortable suit with a modern cut, optimal for springtime commutes to the office (and/or wherever you end up after the office). 

The NanoStretch comes in four colors, including royal blue, black, grey and charcoal. Right now, you can purchase them in their signature slim fit, which entails a tapered waist on the paints and a soft-shouldered jacket with a breathable lining designed to conform to your build. You simply wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course, Combatant Gentlemen is not the only suiting brand to incorporate this kind of fancy-pants (pun intended?) technology for four-way stretch mobility and increased durability. But their combination of materials, Wicken suggests, allows them to elevate the comfort and quality of their suits without sacrificing style and affordability. 

Case in point: they're available to purchase online now for a mere $220

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