A Trove of Air Jordan 1s, 23 Covetable Sneaker Drops and Supreme Galore

This Is How eBay Celebrates NBA All-Star Weekend, We Guess


Us: It's officially NBA All-Star Weekend. And you know what that means...

You: Crazy dunks?

Us: Yes, but—

You: The 3-point contest?

Us: Right, but—

You: Watching Dr. Oz try to play basketball? 

Us: Yes, but...wait, what? *Checks notes* Wow, Dr. Oz is playing in the Celebrity All-Star Game.  

Never mind that, though. What we meant to say is that eBay—you know, eBay—is dropping a series of 23 extremely covetable sneaker this weekend, all under their retail value, along with the entire Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection and items from professional basketball player-slash-sneaker aficionado P.J. Tucker's personal collection

You: Is the "23" for—

Us: Yes, it's for MJ... 

And it would behoove you to honor him this weekend, by purchasing his eponymous sneakers for less money than usual, and then wearing those sneakers while you watch the best players in the NBA play at half-speed against one another during the All-Star Game. Yes. We think that's exactly what Michael would want...

As of right now, there's no limit to the rare, "look what I got" pieces you can purchase, unless you count your bank account, which is indeed a very real real limit. A collection of iconic Nike Air Jordan 1s, never-before-seen together in one convenient destination? They can be yours. An exclusive hand-painted custom denim jean jacket from the renowned sneaker designer, Kickstradomis? Yes, sir. A Supreme bouncy ball? We don't necessarily approve of you spending $10 grand on that, but hey, you do you...

We should probably remind you that, if you're so inclined, eBay has a seemingly infinite store of NBA memorabilia, autographed jerseys and the like, which is hanging out, waiting for you in their digital capsule collection. We should also tell you that their basketball-related apparel from Puma, Adidas, New Balance and more is 20% off this weekend. It's just not like us to let you miss out on a discount.

But at the end of the article day, we know what you're really here for. And that's those 23 sneakers, dropping in very limited quantities all weekend. They include frustratingly difficult-to-cop Yeezys, Nike Off-White Zoom Flys, retro Air Jordan 11s and a Supreme Dragon Work Jacket.

Which isn't a pair of sneakers, but is a Supreme jacket with a dragon embroidered on it. So...

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