10 Exceptionally Stylish Jackets to Wear in the November Rain

Or Sleet. Or Hail. Or Whatever Other Form of Condensation This Month Throws at You.


Rain rain, go away, come again some other day—or, you know what? Forget it. You can stay today or any other day, as long as there's the option of wearing one of these very good-looking and totally weatherproof jackets. 

Also, sorry for ruining the rhyme. Providing you with appropriate outerwear for the rain and sleet and whatever else may come your way this month felt more important.

Leave it to Filson to give you everything you may need for inclement weather—a water-repellant oil finish, a drawstring-adjustable waist, a two-way zipper—without making it obvious. Cover Cloth Mile Marker Coat, $350

Q: Is there such a thing as a dressy rain jacket? A: It would very much appear so with this clean, slimming Herno Laminar number. Waterproof Gore-Tex Hooded Jacket, $855

We would be remiss if we didn't include something from Fjallraven here, given how much they know about being comfortable (and looking stylish) in very cold weather. This one's tailored for the office as well as it is for the tundra. Not that you'll be heading to the tundra anytime soon, but...Greenland Eco-Shell Jacket, $450

What you're looking at here is an eminently handsome jacket made from merino wool bonded to a weatherproof layer of cork and wool, created by the material scientists at Schoeller. It's from the Lost Explorer. And no, we've never seen anything quite like it either. Muggins Corkshell Mac, $340

Barbour has been making exceptionally dapper (and wildly durable) jackets for over a century now, with double-rolled Egyptian cotton, stitched through two thicknesses of fabric to ensure complete and utter waterproof-ness. This one's no different. Barbour Mallaig Jacket, $349 (via Orvis)

You: I'm looking for a waterproof rain coat that has the hallmarks of a field jacket but—and this is critical—is also the color of smoked paprika. Us: Specific, but here you go. Gant Waxy Double Decker, $595

Leave it to the French to make you a faux-fur rain coat...Arpenteur Gabardine & Faux Fur Quart Long Coat, $630 (via Unionmade)

This decidedly technical, hooded Polo jacket takes its cues from Ralph Lauren's athletic-minded designs of the early '90s. Which are, like, so in right now. Hi Tech Waterproof Aronak, $500

We have to admit we're especially fans of this one, from Best Made Co. It's inspired by WWII-era Marine Corps fatigues and constructed from a weatherproof Japanese-made reverse sateen. Also, we just like it. The Service Jacket, $248

Ok, you got us: this rain coat really does look like a rain coat. And it is a rain coat, from Stutterheim Stockholm, handmade with rubberized cotton and double-welded seams. But, well, it's the kind of rain coat you might want to wear, even when it's not raining. So sue us. Stutterheim Stockholm Basic Raincoat in Green, $295 (via Todd Snyder)

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