Would You Run a Marathon in Antarctica?

A New (and Very Exclusive) Offering for Exceptionally Fit Thrill-Seekers


Allow us to preface this article by saying the subject is genuinely, extraordinarily insane.

But, like, in a cool way...

Introducing the Race the Jet marathon, a marathon that's not like other marathons because it takes place in frickin' Antarctica. Yes, you read that right: Antarctica. 

Why somebody would design a 42km marathon in Antarctica, well, we're not sure. We can only imagine they have the same screw loose as the world's boldest thrill-seekers. Either that, or unresolved childhood issues revolving around jogging across compacted ice. (We presume it's the former.)

If you're one of just 24 people selected for the race, which takes place next February, when there's 24-hours of sunlight a day, your adventure will start in Cape Town. Cape Town is nice. There's the beach and the mountains and award-winning wine, and it's also warm and not at all a barren snowscape, which is a real plus. Once there, you'll hop on a luxury Gulfstream, fly over a bunch of icebergs and land at the remote/ominous-sounding Wolf Fangs runway. 

Keep in mind, this whole shebang is operated by White Desert Antarctica. They've been the standard-bearer for Arctic vacationing for over a decade now, and they're still the only company in the world to offer private jet rides into the continent's interior. Over the years, they've hosted the likes of Prince Harry, Bear Grylls and the astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Naturally, their camp's accommodations are generally pretty luxurious, featuring state-of-the-art heated sleeping pods (aka, igloos), as well as a fancy dining room and lounge. Unfortunately, you won't be staying there...

Because as soon as you land, you'll begin the first of four 10.5km laps, weaving through shimmering icefalls and kilometer-high monoliths of rock. Should you require assistance, support vehicles and expert polar guides abound. But here's the twist: if you don't finish in under five hours, you won't be on the return flight to Cape Town. You'll have to leave on a decidedly less luxurious cargo plane a day later, loaded with bags of trash.

Still want to do this? 

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