The Weekend Sales Report Card: September Edition

This Feels Right. Nay, Necessary.

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As you all know, today marks the first Friday of fall. A moment of silence, please, for the summer Fridays that were.


Thank you.

Now, to celebrate the beginning of this most joyous, most stylish of seasons, we're bringing you a special edition of the Weekend Sales Report Card, which covers two warehouse sales, a sample sale and even a "sneaky sale." 

Ah, yes. How very special indeed...

The Sale: Over 50% off a whole bunch of understated graphic tees, sweaters, bomber jackets, coaches jackets, track jackets and other kinds of jackets at Saturdays NYC.
The Discount: A.
The Selection: A.
The Steal: Everett Track Jacket

The Sale: Over 50% off Chelsea boots, a few fall-appropriate jackets and some colorful sneakers from Tictail
The Discount: A.
The Selection: B.
The Steal: Boyle Suede Beige

The SaleA veritable sample sale from the Jean Shop in New York, which means a) big discounts on the article of clothing you may need most this season; and b) you better act fast.
The Discount: A.
The Selection: C+.
The Steal: We're particularly fans of the straight/slim fitting Mick Twill

The Sale: A warehouse sale, featuring up to 70% all kind of good stuff from good brands (Rag & Bone, Woolrich, etc), at Blue Cream. 
The Discount: A.
The Selection: B-.
The Steal: Rag & Bone Blade Pant.

The Sale: A quote-unquote "Sneaky Sale" from your comfort-loving friends at Marine Layer. (Use code TOASTY at checkout for 20% off; ends Friday night.)
The Discount: C-.
The Selection: B+.
The Steal: The Benjamin Crewneck Sweater

The Sale: An extra 20% off the already infamous(?) Gitman Bros. Vintage warehouse sale, until Sunday. It's a beautiful thing.
The Discount: A-.
The Selection: B.
The Steal: We have a soft spot for the White Oxford Ski Embroidery.

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