Limited-Edition Surfboards Designed by a Santa Monica Skate Legend

The Shinola x Natas Kaupas Collection Launches Today. Ergo, Summer Is Really Just Getting Started.

By Sam Eichner ·

Detroit: it's not really known for its robust surfboard manufacturing. Cars, sure. Surfboards, not so much.

That's why the the Motor City-based watchmakers (and other-very-handsome-accessory-makers) over at Shinola enlisted the help of Dogtown legend Natas Kaupas to personally design a limited-edition collection of very handsome surfboards and beach towels, which launches Tuesday

You better get your hands on these quick, presuming you're one of those people who likes "catching waves" and generally looks good in a half-zipped wetsuit. Kaupas, if you didn't already know, is something of a California hero. He's widely considered the original pro street skater, having become a pioneer of the now-popular form in the '80s. He performed the first legitimate rail slide. And given his experience as the graphic director and Vice President of Marketing for Quiksilver, he knows a thing or two about designing this kind of stuff. He also has a great head of hair. 

Made in Southern California and painted by Kaupas himself, the five (yes, just five) 7-foot, fader-shaped boards are inspired by Venice's old West Washington Boulevard. A similar aesthetic is behind the towels, so everything complements each other just so the next time you go surfing. 

What, would you rather get laughed off the beach?

You can find the Shinola x Natas Kaupas boards for $1,400 online, or at Shinola's Venice store. 

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