This Next-Gen Water Gun Looks Like Something Out of Halo

The Spyra One Shoots "Water Bullets" and Requires No Pumping

By Thompson Brandes ·
Spyra One

It’s a fact, albeit a subjective one, that water fights are fleeting moments of limited fun, typically restricted by the confines of annoying pumps and a dearth of available ammunition. You fill up your gun, you hose some folks down, you don't have nearly as much fun as you thought you would, then you put it away and grab a cold beer, because cold beer has never let you down. 

All of that sort of changes with the Spyra One: a legitimately next-gen water gun, which feels like the kind of thing a Silicon Valley tech bro designed over summer vacation. 

The makers of the Spyra One, currently miles ahead of its initial funding goal on Kickstarter, obviously saw great potential for the lowly water gun. In lieu of spewing inaccurate streams (we're talking about you, Super Soaker), their futuristic-looking aqua-weapon shoots rapid “water bullets." Simply pull the trigger and launch one off at up to 7.5 meters of pinpoint accuracy.

The Spyra One also boasts constant pressure, a digital top display (for tank and battery updates) and an exceptionally easy refill. Just dip the nozzle underwater, and you’ll be automatically re-upped and ready to go in 14 seconds, sans pumping, making it the ideal water gun for adults who mostly want to drink beer and only half-want to participate in an actual water fight. AKA, all adults.

You can currently pledge $96 for the Spyra One in time for a Summer 2019 delivery.

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