Josh Brolin’s Deadpool 2 Workout Regimen Insists You Get Absolutely Yolked Before Summer’s Over

The CableBUILT Program Comes in the Form of an Electronic Comic Book, So That's Fun, Too

By Thompson Brandes ·
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In case you’ve yet to see Deadpool 2, Josh Brolin stars as the antagonistic and extraordinarily strong, Cable—an ultra-scowling super soldier with a metal arm and laser eye. And while anything’s plausible in show business, we know those latter two parts are the effects of movie magic, because we’ve seen Josh Brolin in other movies, like Sicario and No Country for Old Men, wherein Brolin has two healthy arms and zero lasers for eyes. Yet what we can determine from those movies is that Brolin has not always been in exceptional shape. Take a look:

Sicario, Black Label Media

Not much to blog about, right?

We can even date this finding back to The Goonies, in which Brolin was merely a strapping young lad, immune to the tarnishes of beer consumption and peak ‘80s athleisure.

Warner Bros.

But that was the Josh Brolin of so long ago, for the Josh Brolin of today is a new beast entirely. He is a machine. He is a Greek sculpture of pristine muscle mass. He is a blockbuster-wielding thoroughbred who will gladly isolate his delts and force mad reps in a pair of your Aunt Nancy’s summer khakis.

All of this is to say: Josh Brolin underwent some serious body transformation in order to jack himself up to eleven for Deadpool 2. A body transformation which now—with the arrival of the CableBuilt program—we can all take part in ourselves.

The 12-week program from Justin Lovato is the official training, nutrition and supplementation guide used by Brolin to Holly-morph into Cable. It cleverly comes in the form of an electronic comic book containing three training splits, ten corresponding workouts and two carb cycling diets. So for the remainder of summer, your dearest friends and beachgoers will get to witness firsthand your journey unto becoming human beef jerky. By October, you’ll be all-the-way good and ready to take naked selfies with your fully-clothed wife while she brushes her teeth.

Pure bliss.

You can get to sculpting with the CableBUILT program now over at BUILT for $140.

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